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EHS - Environment 

● Comprehensive environmental management system and internal controls

● Green chemistry technologies for cleaner production and enhanced sustainability

● Advanced air and wastewater treatment facilities

● Online monitoring and regular inspection to ensure compliance

● Supplier selection and qualification audits, including audits of hazardous waste disposal companies. 



● Develop & maintain occupational disease prevention/control systems and occupational health management systems 

● Implement engineering controls (as a priority), administrative controls and PPE to eliminate exposure to occupational hazards 

● Provide regular training on occupational health to all employees both when they join the company and throughout their employment 

● Regularly monitor related occupational disease risk factors to ensure that the intensity or concentration are within the national occupational health standards 



● Identify risks, and design and install equipment/facilities to mitigate risks 

● Establish and promulgate safety procedures for all aspects of the operations 

● Advanced in-house Process Safety Lab, process hazard assessment (PHA) / facility and major process HAZOP, and safety training prior to production 

● Promulgate rules regarding the purchase, storage, handling, use and transportation of hazardous materials and the handling and disposal of hazardous and biohazardous waste 

● Monitor contractors and suppliers to ensure that they operate in a safe and compliant manner 

● Security monitoring system installed throughout sites 


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