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Senior Management Team
  • James Gage, Ph.D. 

    Chief Science Officer

    As the Chief Science Officer for Asymchem, Dr. Gage is the head of R&D, technology development and strategic planning.

    Dr. Gage has 24 years of experience in process chemistry and other aspects of pharmaceutical Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC). Prior to joining Asymchem in early 2006, Dr. Gage worked from 1991-2005 at Pfizer and Pfizer legacy companies in roles of increasing scientific and managerial responsibility, supporting programs from preclinical development to commercial life-cycle management and both domestic and foreign manufacturing facilities. He maintains an active interest in the application of new technologies to problems in drug substance and drug product manufacturing for increased control and reduced cost. He is an author in over 30 research papers, patents, and meeting presentations. And he is the member of the American Chemical Society.

    Born in Chicago, Dr. Gage earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Calvin College, Michigan, USA and his Ph.D. in Chemistry with Professor David Evans at Harvard University in 1991.

  • Rui Yang 

    Chief Operating Officer

    Ms. Rui Yang, currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. She earned an Executive MBA from Beijing University. Whilst there, she was selected as a member of the first batch of candidates for the “New Entrepreneur Cultivation Project". She trained and studied in Babson College, Massachusetts, USA as a representative of the “XiaoJuRen leading enterprise” in 2013. Ms. Rui Yang joined Asymchem in 1999, and has successively served as Office Director, Vice President, Executive Vice President, Executive Senior Vice President, and then as Chief Operating Officer since 2017. In the past 20 years, Ms. Rui Yang has accumulated  experience in group financial management, human resource management, project management, market exploration and public relationships which she used to coordinate the activities of seven subsidiaries of the group enabling them to operate and flourish, and made significant contributions guiding the company to become a global leader in today’s pharmaceutical outsourcing  industry.

  • Da Zhang 

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Da Zhang joined Asymchem as Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President in June 2018, responsible for the financial management, financing and investment, market value management and other related work of the Asymchem Group. He has deep knowledge in all the major aspects of finance with over 10 years of experience in Initial Public Offering (IPO), investment and Mergers and Acquisitions ( M&A ) as well as financial management with significant operating scale and complexity. Prior to joining Asymchem, Mr. Da Zhang worked in the Research Center of CSRC, Issuance Department of CSRC and Issuance Department of GEM. He has successively won medals at the national level such as the national “May 1” labor medal of the Securities and Futures Monitoring System, “Outstanding Youth League cadres” of the Central State Organ, “Outstanding Youth League cadres” of National Financial Systems, etc. Mr. Da Zhang graduated from Graduate School of the People’s Bank of China (now Tsinghua PBCSF) with a master’s degree in Finance.

  • Elut Hsu 

    Senior Vice President

    Ms. Elut Hsu is currently the vice president of Asymchem and the general manager of the BD Company in the US. She is mainly responsible for market feasibility analysis and business development of pre-clinical, clinical and commercial projects. She received a bachelor degree in chemistry and a bachelor degree in biochemistry from North Carolina State University. She has 3 years of laboratory work experience at North Carolina State University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Since joining Asymchem in 1997, she has been responsible for business development in the European and American markets. At the same time, she is responsible for control and management of key raw materials in the research and development and production process, and evaluates new commercial projects with the technical teams to ensure that the project is on-time and on-track in the process of inquiry, production and transportation.

  • Yi Xiao 

    Senior Vice President

    Dr. Hsiao, senior VP of the center of project process development and application of Asymchem since 2018, received his Ph.D from Nagoya University, Japan in 1994. He worked at Merck and BMS for over 21 years.  His work on asymmetric hydrogenation of unprotected enamines was widely recognized (2004 Solvias Ligand Prize, 2005 Astra Zeneca Award for Excellence in Green Chemistry, 2006 Green Chemistry presidential award and Edison Patent Award). In 2006, Dr. Hsiao created an innovative and productive catalysis research group for BMS, and led the team to develop robust processes for hundreds challenging catalytic transformations for BMS’s drug candidates.  Dr. Hsiao has published 45 research papers, and he is the Chair of 2019 GRC-organic reactions and processes and organizing committee member of Chinese Reactions and Pharmaceutical Processes.

  • Liang Hong 

    Senior Vice President

    As the Senior VP of Asymchem Life Science (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Liang Hong is also the President of Tianjin Asymchem Pharma Analytical Testing Service Co., Ltd. He has over 20 years of management experience in new factory construction, new business workshop construction, and environmental protection facility construction. Mr. Hong has rich experience in the facility construction to support the new business.

  • Chaoyong Chen 

    Senior Vice President

    As Senior Vice President of Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen is in charge of commercial project development and production of all R&D and manufacturing sites.

    After graduating from Sichuan university,Mr. Chen joined the R&D department of Asymchem. He has a wealth of experience in R&D and production, and he has led his team to complete many development projects which have encouraged Asymchem to undertake the technology and capability of commercial projects. Because of his outstanding performance, Mr.Chen was appointed as the R&D VP in 2009.

    He obtained his B.S. in Pharmacy from Sichuan University in 2003.

  • Xiaolian Huang 

    Senior Vice President

    As Senior Vice President of Purchasing, Ms. Huang oversees all chemical and non-chemical materials for both Tianjin sites. She adapts her strategy for chemical purchasing according to the company’s established goals and targets. Ms. Huang is able to work closely and efficiently with all the company’s suppliers in China. In addition, Ms. Huang also oversees chemical purchasing for all four Chinese sites.

    Ms. Huang has been in charge of purchasing since she joined Asymchem in 1997.

  • Pingzhong Huang, Ph.D. 

    Senior Vice President

    Dr. Huang is in charge of process development of projects from the clinical to the commercial stage.

    He has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Asymchem in 2010, Dr. Huang worked for about 10 years as a senior research scientist at Wyeth (which merged with Pfizer in 2010), where he engaged in process development/scale up and synthesized numerous new drug candidates to support pre-clinical studies.  Before Wyeth, he was a lead chemist at Natland International specializing in custom synthesis and contract research.

    Dr. Huang earned his B.S. and M.S. in chemistry from Peking University and Ph.D. in organic chemistry from University of Geneva in 1992.

  • Yingwei Jiang 

    Senior Vice President

    Mr. Jiang Yingwei, has a master’s degree in business administration from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, is currently the vice president of the group and is in charge of HR Department. He is mainly responsible for leading and optimizing the overall management, organization, coordination, supervision and evaluation of human resources institutions in accordance with the group's development strategy. He has extensive management experience in the areas of group strategic management and control, group human resource management, and SME innovation and venture capital management.

  • Yan Zhou, Ph.D. 

    Vice President

    Dr. Zhou Yan, currently the vice president of the company, is responsible for quality management of the group. Joining the company in 2007 as a senior researcher, he dedicates to process research and development and process transfer research. In 2010, he served as the senior director of research and development, and presided over the research and development, process validation and commercial production in commercial projects of several large European and American pharmaceutical companies. In 2012, he served as deputy general manager of Jilin Company and was responsible for process transfer. In 2013, he joined the Quality Assurance Department as the deputy general manager, responsible for quality management of Dunhua and Fuxin companies. Since 2014, he has also been in charge of quality management of Tianjin company. Appointed as the company's vice president in 2016, he has been responsible for quality management of the group. He has participated in or hosted many NMPA, USFDA, MFDS and TGA official audits and more than 200 customer audits. Well versed in management and regulatory requirements from pharmaceutical research and development to commercial production, he also has rich quality management experience in pharmaceutical factories.

  • Xiangke Xu 

    Vice President

    Mr. Xu Xiangke,has a bachelor's degree. then studied for his Executive MBA at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance. In 2003 he joined the Asymchem Laboratories. He has been the Director of the Asymchem Secretariat and Head of the public affairs department. In 2010, he served as Deputy General Manager of Asymchem Life Science(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd and Head of public affairs department. He is Secretary of the board of directors of the company. He is also the supervisor of Jinlin Asymchem Laboratories Co.,Ltd and the executive director of Tianjin Asymchem Medical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd .

  • Yan Kuang 

    Vice President

    Ms. Yan Kuang, joined Asymchem in September, 2019 as Group Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Vice President, in charge of the overall management of EHS for Asymchem. Her responsibilities include establishing an EHS management strategy, nourishing an EHS culture, establishing risk assessment mechanisms, enhancing EHS management systems, supervising and evaluating the effective execution and implementation of EHS policy and practices in the Asymchem Group.

    Before joining Asymchem, Ms. Kuang served in multinational corporations such as Novartis, Eli Lilly, and GE, in the field of EHS management. She has over 20 years work experience, covering various aspects of EHS operation and management,

    She graduated from Virginia Tech. with a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, and holds professional certificates of P.E. (Professional Engineer in Environmental Engineering, registered in USA), CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist, registered in USA), Certified Safety Engineer (registered in China), etc.

  • Mark McLaws, Ph.D. 

    Vice President

    Dr. Mark McLaws joined Asymchem in May, 2015. As Vice President, Dr. McLaws heads a team of technical experts to support CMC activities with a particular focus on late stage development, validation and commercialization. Dr. McLaws obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Utah. 

    Dr. Mark McLaws has over 17 years of process chemistry experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. During his career, he has supported process development and manufacturing of clinical phase and commercial small molecule API’s in a variety of therapeutic areas.

  • Jiangping Lu, Ph.D. 

    Vice President

    As Vice President of Asymchem Life Science (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Dr. Lu is in charge of new technology development and applications.

    Dr. Lu obtained his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Lanzhou University in 2006.  After  Dr. Lu joined the R&D department of Asymchem in 2006. For his experience in R&D and production, he was promoted to Assistant Director in 2007, Director in 2008, and Senior Director in 2009. He was promoted to Assistant to the Chairman in 2009, and Vice President in 2011.

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