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Asymchem High Throughput Screening and AI Aided Enzyme Evolution
2020-04-04 15:28

Enzymes are efficient catalysts found in nature and have a wide range of industrial applications. However, their application in production is limited due to limited activity and selectivity towards non-natural substrates. To meet practical needs, new enzymes are developed through design and laboratory-based evolution to improve the efficiency of bioenzyme catalysis. The technique to upgrade the properties of enzymes is called directed enzyme evolution.

The directed enzyme evolution comprises two major steps: construction of a mutant library and selection of the best mutant enzyme. As the technology for constructing large quantities of mutant libraries is relatively mature, the success of directed enzyme evolution hinges on the efficiency of the high throughput screening used to screen libraries for mutants with desired properties.

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Asymchem Laboratories Co., Ltd. (SHE: 002821. SZ; “Asymchem”) bio-engineering team has constructed a large gene pool utilizing directed, multi-point, and saturation mutations and other rational design methods or error-prone PCR, DNA shuffling, staggered extension PCR and other non-rational design methods. After years of practice and optimization, tens of thousands of clones are accurately selected every day using QPix high-throughput cloning and screening system in conjunction with intelligent imaging analysis and precision automation to ensure efficiency in the entire screening process. In addition to microbial screening, Asymchem can provide a wide range of sample preparation and plate processing, as well as a variety of data tracking and inspection tools, which simplify the control and management of complex and repetitive processes. Asymchem has a “Free to Operate (FTO)” for all enzymes in the enzyme library and maintains a regular stock.

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In addition, Asymchem has built a comprehensive molecular modeling and computational simulation platform. Researchers can use computer-aided analysis and simulation software to conduct structural simulation and predict key structural areas impacting enzymatic properties to achieve the directed evolution of bioenzymes. Asymchem’s technology platform for enzyme evolution features intelligent, high-throughput and multi-means, which allows for the most suitable enzymes for chemical reactions in the shortest possible time. These applications provide clients with comprehensive technical solution.


As a world-leading CDMO solutions provider, Asymchem has strong expertise in the field of bio-enzyme catalysis technology and continues to develop more effective bioenzyme catalysts. Moreover, Asymchem has successfully applied engineered enzymes with high activity and of various types to the commercial production of statins, glitazones, carbapenems, and other blockbuster drugs.

Directed enzyme evolution makes the pharmaceutical processes greener, safer, more effective and greatly improves the efficiency of drug synthesis in conjunction with high throughput and artificial intelligence. Many problems in chemical synthesis and scale-up are effectively solved by the technology.

Asymchem will continue to build and improve technology platforms for enzyme evolution, bringing additional benefits to customers by implementing technologies that shorten the research and development cycle of investigational new drugs and lower commercial production cost.

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