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Asymchem Opens New Chapter of Innovation in 2020
2020-01-11 16:48

Dance: Stay together at Asymchem

Performed by dance troupe

Asymchem welcomes you to our big family!

Chronicle of Annual events

A Glance back at 2019 & Looking ahead to 2020!  

Medley:Youth innovation

Performed by company personnel

Youth full of passion and strength!

Show: Kids’ plan

Performed by kids of company personnel

The cute kids are a part of our big family!

Song: Monkey king

Performed by company personnel 

Serious at work, joyful when he sings.

Band performance: Fire

Performed by company personnel 

Experts in chemical analysis and information management, they also have showcase their musical talent.

Dance: Dance dream

Performed by company personnel 

Rigorous at work, also a charming dancer! 

Show:Secret service

Performed by company personnel 

Senior Vice President brings a surprise at the party!

Song: Like a fish, Mortal City, Superman

Performed by Singer Wang Erlang

Close encounters with a singer star!

Song: At this moment

Performed by company personnel and professionals

Enjoy your life at this moment and every moment!

Witty skit: Let love fly

Performed by company personnel

More than a work place, Asymchem is a big family full of love!

Acrobatic: Pretty diva

Performed by professional 

Hold your breath, then applause!

Dance: Millennium promise

Performed by company personnel

A graceful dance shows us the beauty of a millennium promise!

Award ceremony

2019 Newcomer Award

2019 EHS Management Award

2019 EHS Execution Award

2019 Excellent Employee Award

2019 Asymchem Chemistry Scholar Award

2019 Ten Years of Service Award

2019 Fifteen Years of Service Award

2019 Innovation Award

2019 Strive Award

2019 Growth Team Award

2019 Special Contribution Award

2019 Golden Shovel Award : Talent Detection for Sustainable Development of Company

Asymchem appreciates your hard work, inspiration, courage,  commitment and over all excellence. 

Asymchem is appreciative to have you with us to achieve more and get farther in future!

Lucky draw

Who will be the lucky ones!

The last two decades have seen enormous innovative change and progress. In the future, we believe our company will reach new heights!

Witty skit: Let love fly

Witty skit: Let love fly

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