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Asymchem Board of Development Strategy Advisors
2020-04-30 11:27

Asymchem established the Board of Development Strategy Advisors (BDSA) in 2017 and has since held four meetings. The board members provide strategic advice for business management, market expansion, new technology and related issues that contribute to Asymchem’s continued and steady growth. 

The BDSA consists of people from various professions with diverse capabilities and expertise. This year’s new members include Dr. Zhou Qilin, CIO Michael Yi, Dr. Bi Honggang, and Executive Producer Tan Yong.  The new members join Director Yu Mingde, Dr. Zhang Ziran, Dr. Zhou Demin, Professor Zhu Jianwei currently on the board. 
The first BDSA meeting was held on April 23, 2017 in Tianjin. Topics discussed at the meeting included business models and development status of foreign CDMOs, the current regulatory landscape, implementation of the MAH system, opportunities and challenges facing the CDMO industry, strategies for China CDMO businesses, green pharmaceutical technology applications, future business development opportunities, the prospect of China’s formulation outsourcing market, and advised the company on development strategy. 


The first BDSA meeting


The second BDSA meeting was held on February 2, 2018 in Tianjin.  The meeting’s topic was: “New opportunities for CDMOs brought by new policies of the industry”. Members of the BDSA held heated discussions and exchanged their insights on new pharmaceutical regulations and policies, green pharmaceutical technologies, biomacromolecule production, business development opportunities and other relevant topics.


The second BDSA meeting

The third BDSA meeting was held on October 18, 2018 in Shanghai. The group discussed topics around the business layout of macromolecule logistics, opportunities brought by the reform of the national approval system, new strategies under the reform of the clinical trial regulatory system, and the service ecosystem.


The third BDSA meeting

The fourth BDSA meeting was held on June 29, 2019 in Tianjin. The meeting’s topic was “building an integrated service ecosystem for drug innovation”. Members discussed current trends and challenges presented during the transformation and advancements of the China’s pharmaceutical industry. As well as opportunities and challenges in clinical research, the development of innovative drug manufacturers in China, and how to speed up the launch of new drugs. During the meeting the opening ceremony of Tianjin Technology Innovation Center for Clinical Research (TICCR) was held.

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Asymchem is committed developing innovative technologies to benefit morepatients. It provides a full suite of R&D and production services for drugsfrom early phase pharmaceutical development to commercial CMC. Asymchem isrecognized as a reliable partner by many companies in new drug research anddevelopment by virtue of its capacity for innovative research and development, strongcompliance with quality and EHS standards, efficient production capability, excellentteam work and many other strengths.

Asymchem provides service offerings for drugs in a variety of therapeutic areas like oncology, virology, infection,cardiovascular, nervous system, diabetes and more. 13 of which are blockbusterdrugs with sales worth $1 billion. Asymchem extends its advantages in the industrywith world leading pharma giants such as Pfizer, Merck&Co., BMS, Abbvie,Lilly into the China market evidenced by its cooperation with Zai Lab, BettaPharma, and Hutchison MediPharma.  

The latest annual report show that in 2019, Asymchem completed a totalof 549 projects, of which 30 were in the commercial phase, 191 in the clinicalphase (including 39 in Phase II), and 328 technical service projects. Netprofit attributable to shareholders of the listed company reached 554 MillionCNY up 29.32% YOY; net profit deducting non-recurring profit and loss was 489million CNY, up 32.50% YoY, and the R&D investment in 2019 was 192.52million, an increase of 24.07% YoY.

The BDSA will help Asymchem build a better service ecosystem in theindustry. Asymchem will also continue its green development in accordance withthe quality and precision that defines our corporate culture.




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